PlannerX Annotated

Integrates with Basecamp
Integrates with Basecamp
PlannerX retrieves your projects and plans from Basecamp. Once you update a plan, you can save it back to Basecamp.
Flexible Outline view
Flexible Outline View
Outline view allows you to review your project plan at a glance. You can expand or collapse items easily. Everything looks structured since it's hierarchical.
Keyboard navigation and shortcuts speed things up
Keyboard Navigation & Shortcuts
One thing that makes PlannerX a pleasure to work with is its keyboard navigation. You can add items just by pressing Enter and convert them to sub-items by pressing Tab. And there is more!
Batch Update assignees
Batch Update assignees
The way you would work offline is take a bunch of tasks and assign them to someone. PlannerX allows you to do the same with Batch Update on assignees.
Keep your head down and get to work
Focus on work
When you just want to keep your head down and get to work, turn on Focus Mode. It focuses on selected milestone / to-do list, hiding everything else. You can now manage only this part of your plan with full focus.
PlannerX will auto complete dates and names for you
Auto completes dates and names
Stay on purpose. PlannerX allows you to enter "human understandable" dates and use initials for people on your project. It will automatically expand them on save.