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Quick Help

PlannerX shows your Basecamp plan in an outline / list view. You can navigate using arrow keys. You can add / update / delete plan items using keyboard shotcuts or toolbar buttons at top. Top level items in PlannerX outline are milestones, second level items are todo-lists. Tasks are at the last - third level.

Watch our 5 minute video demo to learn all the basics of PlannerX.

Concepts / Icons, Keyboard Shortcuts and Meanings
Outline   A nested, hierarchical list of items in your project.

  A Milestone in your project, Level 1 item. Milestone due date in parenthesis (YYYY-MM-DD). Gray indicates no todo lists for this milestone.

  A todo-list in your project, Level 2 item. Gray indicates no tasks for this list.
  A todo item / task within a todo list, Level 3 item
Assignee   Person or company responsible for this Milestone or Todo item. Use initials, first name / last names / full name. PlannerX will auto complete them when you save. Basecamp does not support assignees for lists.
Editing Double Click Double click any row to edit it. Use arrow keys to navigate between cells. Press Esc to cancel editing.
Navigation Arrow Keys Use Left / Right arrow keys to move between Name and Assignees of an item. Use Up / Down to move between outline items.
Reordering Drag Drop Drag and drop items to reorder them in your plan. You can drag across milestones and tickets.
Enter Add a new item in plan - a milestone, todo list or todo item. If current item has sub-items, a new sub-item will be created. Otherwise a new item at same level will be created.
Delete Delete currently selected items and all its sub-items.
Tab Make current item a sub-item of preceding item. A milestone becomes todo list and a list becomes a task.
Shift + Tab Promote level of current item. Task becomes todo list, list becomes milestone.
Ctrl + ~ Toggles "Focus Mode". "Focus Mode" hides all items except current item and its sub-items. This is great when you want to give attention to only one milestone or list.
Ctrl + . Change assignee for all selected items. You can use Shift + Click / Arrow Keys to select multiple items.
  Saves current plan to Basecamp. Available only to paid users. If you have not entered due dates with milestone, milestones will be set apart by one week.
  Allows switching between projects if you have more than one. If you have only one project, plan will be reloaded from Basecamp.
  Shows a window to paste PlannerX XML plan. Then appends it to current plan.
  Puts current plan in PlannerX XML format on your clipboard. You can then paste it in any text editing software and save it on your local machine.
  Manage your account information and subscription
  Provides Help, Support and Feedback options
  Logout from PlannerX